Hipp Special

Hipp is a well-known company with the best organic baby food, that became very popular not only in Europe but worldwide. They are still one of the greatest brands of baby products in the world and is known for its ecological agriculture.

Hipp follows all European Union’s regulations.  You can rely on this formula brand for a wide product range with the best ingredients from organic farms.

German baby food company with the best and heathiest products in the world. Hipp has something for everyone: Hipp baby care products, Hipp porridge, a wide selection of Hipp Baby Formulas.

Hipp offers products for all babies depending on their needs: from regular organic formula (Hipp Bio); to special formulas for babies with a sensitive stomach (Hipp Bio Combiotik), acid reflux (Hipp Anti-Reflux), constipation or gas (Hipp Sensitive), allergies (Hipp HA Combiotic).

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