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HOLLE 3-Grain 3-Korn 100% Organic Bio Porridge Cereal 250g

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HOLLE 3-Grain 3-Korn 100% Organic Bio Porridge Cereal 250g

Multiple use – as a milk porridge, dairy free porridge or with any infant formula. Gluten-free, unsweetened, milk free, stool firming, easily digestible. 

We recommend: Prepare infant formula and add your favorite Holle wholegrain Porridge.  

The wholegrains used in Holle Porridges are in an easily digestible form, which is particularly suitable for babies. The goodness of the grain is gently unlocked with heat and moisture ready for your baby’s growing body. 

Holle Organic gluten free 3-Grain Baby Porridge is ideal for later stages of weaning. Three of the most popular gluten free grains (rice, corn and millet) come together in this organic baby porridge. Suitable for babies from after 6 months. 

Ideal for use as a gluten free breakfast with breast milk, baby formula milk or water.  

Start feeding porridges from about 4-6 months according to your baby’s stage of development and individual needs. We recommend starting with a single-grain Porridge. Rice or Millet Porridge are good to start with after 4-6 months before introducing the other Holle porridges. Holle offers 4 gluten free porridges: Organic Rice Porridge, Organic Millet Porridge, Organic 3-Grain Porridge and Organic Millet Porridge Apple-Pear.

Further wheat free products are: Organic Spelt Porridge and Organic Rolled Oats Porridge. The Organic Semolina Porridge and the Organic Baby Muesli Porridge contain wheat. 


  • From the 6th month
  • 250g / 8.81oz 
  • For approx. 10-15 meals 
  • Instant preparation, ready in minutes
  • No added Sugars
  • No GMO‘s 
  • Vitamin B1 for heart and brain function
  • Fresh new batch, around 1 year expiration 


Wholegrain rice**, wholegrain corn**, wholegrain millet*, vitamin B1 

*from organic farming

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