Loulouka Organic Fruit Baby Puree Sets 6 flavors 90g from 6 months - 120 pcs

$250.00 $354.00

Loulouka Baby Purees are the best choice of the highest quality organic food. They can be used for babies from 6 months. Originally made in Switzerland. Your baby will enjoy it!

Why Loulouka Organic Fruit Baby Puree ?

  • Made from ORGANIC fruits
  • No GMO and added sugar
  • Free of eggs, soy and gluten
  • No chemicals and flavors
  • Vegan

6 Amazing Flavors:

- MY ABC's (Apple Banana Carrot)

- OATY BLUES (Banana Blueberry Yoghurt & Oat)

- STRAWBERRY KISS (Apple & Strawberry)

- MANGO TANGO (Mango Banana Yoghurt)

- MANDARIN MAGIC (Banana Apple Orange Mandarin)

- ALOHA APPLE (Apple Carrot Pineapple Banana)