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🔸Heat rash, also known as prickly heat or miliaria, is a type of rash that occurs in newborns because their sweat glands, not fully developed, are easily blocked.

▪️Looks like small red to clear, pinpointed bumps;

▪️May be accompanied by an itching or burning sensation;

▪️The neck, shoulders, and chest are the most common places for prickly heat to appear;

▪️Folds of skin and places where clothing rubs baby skin are also areas where prickly heat might pop up;

▪️It’s the most common in the summer, when weather is hot and wet. Tight or too-warm clothing can make it worse;

▪️Heat rash usually goes away on its own within a few days without treatment. Do not use rash creams on the skin unless a doctor recommends a specific cream. A heat rash is not an allergic reaction, and it is not dry skin.

▪️In rare cases, heat rashes can become infected, especially if a baby scratches them. An infected heat rash may cause a fever and other signs of illness.

If a baby has a fever or seems sick, see a doctor.

▪️You can relieve unpleasant symptoms by taking a cool shower and letting the skin dry.

Stay healthy🌿

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🔸Benefit № 1: Conditions
The min recommended temperature for bathing children should be + 22 ° C (for children 2-3 years old - + 24 ° C).
👉🏻Bathing time is from 2-3 to 10 minutes. It is better to swim a few times with an interval of 30 minutes.
🔸Benefit № 2: Preventing colds
The sea air is a real salvation after the intent and polluted city air.
🔸Benefit № 3: Normalization of metabolism
Physical activity plus increased heat transfer in cool water - has a beneficial effect on metabolism.
🔸Benefit № 4: Strengthening the nervous system
Advice: after swimming in the sea, a so-called "salt coat" forms on the body, for a long time it affects the nerve endings and has a calming effect.
🔸Benefit № 5: Healing properties of sea water
Salt "reinforcement" is useful for diseases of the respiratory, nervous, digestive, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, endocrine systems, and skin diseases.
🔸Benefit № 6: Positive Impact on Child's Intellectual Development
Parents often report a leap in children's development after traveling.
Have you ever noticed how swimming in the sea water affects your baby?
More blog posts on our Instagram page @best_4_your_baby
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During the vacation and travel season, motion sickness may be a real problem😥

What causes motion sickness?

🔸Your brain receives signals from motion-sensing parts of your body: your eyes, inner ears, muscles and joints. When these parts send conflicting information, your brain doesn't know whether you're stationary or moving (for example we’re sitting still in the car, but the picture outside the window is changing rapidly). Your brain's confused reaction makes you feel sick.
🔸When traveling on water, motion sickness is caused by a vessel's erratic motion on the water.
🔸The airplane does not have these conditions, but many passengers also get sick on the plane.

👉🏻The most susceptible to motion sickness are children (generally between the age of two and 12 years old).

🔸Symptoms that occur during motion sickness: headache, dizziness, pale skin, anxiety, crying and irritability in young children, stomach discomfort, nausea, vomiting and sweating.

🔸What recommendations do experts give to alleviate the situation:

✔️Distract kids by talking, singing, listening to music
✔️Make sure you have plenty of fresh air
✔️Take breaks during your trip
✔️Try to close your eyes and breathe deeply, focusing on breathing
✔️You shouldn’t read a book or surf the internet while moving
✔️It’s not recommended to look at moving objects such as passing cars or waves. Better look at an earth-fixed object
✔️Try planning short trips while your baby sleeps
✔️Plan your diet: don’t eat a lot just before the trip, and strongly spicy food is also not recommended.

What other effective methods have you used?

More blog posts on our Instagram page @best_4_your_baby

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