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Dear Parent,

My name is Lana. I’m a mother, a happy woman, and the owner of Best 4 Your Baby Store.

To begin, I'd like to congratulate you on having a baby! It is such a great gift and I want to wish you to enjoy every moment with the newest member of your family. 

But let’s be honest with each other, motherhood can be harder that you expected. That is actually what happened with me.

As a new mommy-to-be, I was overwhelmed with joy when I learned that I’m expecting. I did a lot of research and studying to make sure that me as a new parent was prepared. I decided that I wanted to breastfeed my baby since I had always heard that it provides the most nutrients compared to other solutions. 

Unfortunately, after one month I was unable to produce enough milk. After many restless nights, I decided to try a baby formula because a baby was hungry and was crying non stop.

But after a few days my baby starter to suffer from colic and constipation, and it was a new challenge for me – to find the best product with the healthiest ingredients that will help my baby.

I did my research among world's most popular brands and I discovered that many formulas contain soy oil, corn syrup, sugar, gluten, rice syrup that is very unhealthy. At the same time I learned that EU formulas are made from organic milk, with no GMO, no chemicals, no flavors and follow very strict European standards. I tried Holle baby formula and my baby really loved it. I used this formula every day, and my little one was growing without any stomach problems. Finally, I was able to sleep all night and enjoy the motherhood. 

I understand that you as a new parent might go through a similar situation that I had and I want to help. 

That was the main reason why I decided to share with you these amazing products from the best European brands - Holle, Hipp, Loulouka & Nanny Care. Their products are really amazing and can give your baby the best nutrition on the market - including all of the necessary vitamins & minerals.

Our products are shipped directly from the warehouses in Germany, Netherlands and Poland. We use DHL Express Shipping and that allows us to ship the packages same or next day and deliver them in 2-4 days. 

We will move mountains to provide you the best price on the market and excellent customer service! 

Now, a few years after we started our business and have seen hundreds of stories of parents whose children got healthier and happier thanks to European products, we can say with even greater confidence that European formulas are the best and recommend them to as many parents as we can. 

Every day we work hard to expand our range and be able to offer your children the best baby food in the world, as well as related products for children! 

Yours truly,


The Owner of  Best 4 Your Baby